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The Secret History of ISIS documentary cover image

The Secret History of ISIS

Run time00:53:20
Rated 100

The Secret History of ISIS documentary. PBS presents the history behind the radicals who became the infamous militant group ISIS. The fuel behind the group largely came to be because of ...

Willy Messerschmitts Bf-109 documentary cover image

Willy Messerschmitts Bf-109

Run time00:41:59
Rated 99

The Messerschmitt Bf-109 can be classed as the first modern fighter plane. It was a sleek monoplane of all metal construction, with an enclosed cockpit and a retractable landing gear. T...

Hearts & Minds documentary cover image

Hearts & Minds

Run time01:52:06
Rated 95

Be ready to be shocked by this hard hitting reality documentory highlighting how America fought the Vietnam war in contast to what they wanted in achieve politically .The back...

Revealed: The Hunt for Hitlers Scientists documentary cover image

Revealed: The Hunt for Hitlers Scientists

Run time00:46:50
Rated 95

The Hunt for Hitlers Scientists documentary looks into how the Allied forces of Russia, The United States and England were trying to obtain scientific knowledge from Germany in the later days of world...

World War II in Colour: Britain at Bay documentary cover image

World War II in Colour: Britain at Bay

Run time00:51:29
Rated 90

How Britain defended itself against the might of the NAZI regime. It was assumed that sooner or later Britain would surrender to Germany primarily because of the attacks led by the head of the Luftwaf...

U-234-Hitlers Last U-Boat documentary cover image

U-234-Hitlers Last U-Boat

Run time01:24:27
Rated 90

Originally built as a mine layer in 1940, U-234 was a submarine which was the largest of its class with a hull length of 90 meters. Her first and only mission was handed directly from Hitler in 1945 t...

Killer Tanks: The KV Tank - Russian Steel Monster documentary cover image

Killer Tanks: The KV Tank - Russian Steel Monster

Run time00:46:49
Rated 90

Killer Tank documentary. The Kliment Voroshilov tank or “KV” was a series of soviet tanks that were used by the red army against flood of the German invasion of the East dur...

Inside Porton Down: Britains Secret Weapons Research Facility documentary cover image

Inside Porton Down: Britains Secret Weapons Research Facility

Run time00:56:09
Rated 90

Dr Michael Mosley and the BBC have been given unprecedented access to Britons top secret weapons research facility, Porton Down. Here you will find some of the most deadly substances in the world whic...

The World at War 5 - Barbarossa documentary cover image

The World at War 5 - Barbarossa

Run time00:52:26
Rated 89

The World at War episode 5 - Barbarossa, the story of the German mission code-named “Operation Barbarossa” which was the planned occupation of the Soviet Union.

Dirty Wars documentary cover image

Dirty Wars

Run time01:26:17
Rated 80

Chasing down the hidden truth behind America's increasing covert wars. Investigative journalist Jeremy Scahill who is the author of the bestseller Blackwater leads us into the hidden world behind...

The Victoria Cross: For Valour documentary cover image

The Victoria Cross: For Valour

Run time00:58:01
Rated 80

A documentary presented by Jeremy Clarkson which closely focuses on how Major Cain won what was considered the “finest Victoria cross of the whole war”. The Victoria Cross: For Valour...

Secrets of War: Tools of Deception documentary cover image

Secrets of War: Tools of Deception

Run time
Rated 80

Secrets of War: Tools of Deception presented by Charlton Heston. War is not only fought with fire power, a large part of it is misguiding the enemy to cause a number of different reactions depending o...

The Creation of ISIS documentary cover image

The Creation of ISIS

Run time01:13:22
Rated 75

Warning: Contains graphic images of war. This documentary is about the creation of ISIS, who they are and how they came to be as they are now a global idea with members located all around the world fr...

War in the Falklands documentary cover image

War in the Falklands

Run time00:45:07
Rated 70

A documentary about the British recapture of the Falklands Islands, also known as the Falklands war which was fought between Britain and Argentina in 1982. This film follows significant events leading...

UKs Scariest Debt Collector documentary cover image

UKs Scariest Debt Collector

Run time00:35:07
Rated 66

This documentary is about Shaun Smith, an ex- law enforcer of one of the largest crime families in the city of Liverpool. During this time he was in a war against rival gangs and introduced '...

Wings of the Luftwaffe:

Wings of the Luftwaffe: "The Blitz" - Arado Ar 234

Run time00:44:37
Rated 50

The first documentary in a series which focuses on the Nazi aircraft which were developed during world war 2. In this documentary we learn about the Arado Ar 234 or "The Blitz" which was a j...

Building Hitlers Supergun documentary cover image

Building Hitlers Supergun

Run time00:46:38
Rated Unrated

During the height of the second world war NAZI Germany had occupied most of western Europe. The only country that stood in its way was the United Kingdom which was something Hitler desperately wanted...

No End in Sight documentary cover image

No End in Sight

Run time01:41:54
Rated Unrated

A documentary about the Iraq War. In this film we take a look into how the Bush Administration conducted the war from its invasion of the country which took place in 2003. The plan was to firstly...


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