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The Last Waltz documentary cover image

The Last Waltz

Run time01:52:08
Rated Unrated

The last Waltz is a 1976 documentary film about the last days of “The Band”, a rock group formed in Toronto Canada in 1964. The film is one of Martin Scorseses' earlier examples of dir...

Noisey Blackpool: The Controversial Rise of Blackpool Grime documentary cover image

Noisey Blackpool: The Controversial Rise of Blackpool Grime

Run time00:28:54
Rated Unrated

Noisey Blackpool: The Controversial Rise of Blackpool Grime. Over the last couple of years there has been a huge popularity boost for the UK grime music scene with a number of MC’s rising to fam...

20 Feet from Stardom documentary cover image

20 Feet from Stardom

Run time01:13:12
Rated Unrated

American director Morgan Neville presents, 20 Feet from Stardom, a documentary about backup singers. The backup singer lives just outside the limelight of the lead singer in the pop world an...

Gimme Danger documentary cover image

Gimme Danger

Run time00:02:18
Rated Unrated

Trailer only is available online.   Gimme Danger is a 2016 documentary film directed by Jim Jarmusch about the American punk rock band the Stooges. The Stooges, sometimes called &ldquo...

Oasis: Supersonic documentary cover image

Oasis: Supersonic

Run time00:02:06
Rated Unrated

TRAILER – release date 24th October   “Oasis: Supersonic” is a documentary directed by Mat Whitecross (The Shock Doctrine 2009) about one of the most popular roc...

The Beatles: Eight Days a Week documentary cover image

The Beatles: Eight Days a Week

Run time00:00:50
Rated 88

Trailer The Beatles: Eight Days a Week is a 2016 documentary directed by Ron Howard (Apollo 13) and is a film about quite possibly the biggest boy band in history. Eight days a week is made up of a...

Tool: Vicarious documentary cover image

Tool: Vicarious

Run time00:40:49
Rated 100

A Tool documentary. Tool: Vicarious is a 2007 documentary film about the America rock band tool who formed in Los Angeles in 1990. The band consists of four members, drummer Danny Carey, Adam jones (g...

Play It Loud: The Story of Marshall documentary cover image

Play It Loud: The Story of Marshall

Run time00:58:47
Rated 100

The story of the Marshall amplification company which was founded in London in 1962, more than 50 years ago today by “lord of the loud” Jim Marshall.    The original protot...

Psychedelic Britannia documentary cover image

Psychedelic Britannia

Run time00:59:18
Rated Unrated

Psychedelic Britannia, a documentary about what many people to be the most visionary period in British music history roughly between the years 1965 and 1970.  This was a generation that discovere...

Some Kind of Monster documentary cover image

Some Kind of Monster

Run time01:14:32
Rated 94

Some Kind of Monster, a 2004 documentary about the heavy metal band Metallica. Metallica was formed in Los Angels in 1981 when the drummer Las Ulrich posted an advert in a local news paper looking for...

Foo Fighters Back And Forth documentary cover image

Foo Fighters Back And Forth

Run time01:40:54
Rated 100

Foo Fighters Back And Forth, a documentary about the swift rise to fame of Nirvana in the late 80’s, its demise and the rise of the Foo Fighters fronted by Nirvana’s drummer Dave Grohl. Ni...

When Albums Ruled the World documentary cover image

When Albums Ruled the World

Run time01:28:56
Rated 92

When Albums Ruled the World documentary. The invention of the long playing record in the mid 1960’s paved the way for popular music in the future. This was the first time history that you could...

The Stone Roses: Made of Stone documentary cover image

The Stone Roses: Made of Stone

Run time00:52:48
Rated 99

The Stone Roses: Made of Stone documentary. The Stone Roses are one of the most iconic Manchester bands of all time. Formed in 1983 they were pioneers of the “Madchester” movement&nbs...

Prince - The Glory Years documentary cover image

Prince - The Glory Years

Run time01:25:40
Rated 89

Prince documentary. On the untimely death of Prince at the age of 57 on April 21st 2016 we look back on the glory days of his music career in this film. Prince was an extremely successful Am...

The Most Dangerous Band In The World: The Story of Guns N roses documentary cover image

The Most Dangerous Band In The World: The Story of Guns N roses

Run time01:29:59
Rated 100

Guns n Roses documentary. Since the world famous band has now reformed and started playing as their (almost) original line-up (vocalist Axl Rose, Slash, guitarists Tracii Guns and Izzy Stradlin, bassi...

Pimp C: Long Live the Pimp documentary cover image

Pimp C: Long Live the Pimp

Run time00:27:42
Rated 85

A documentary looking back on the life and career of the American rapper Pimp C. He is considered to be one of the most influential figures in rap music and a was called the king of underground becaus...

Adult Rappers documentary cover image

Adult Rappers

Run time01:01:29
Rated 65

A documentary about a group of dedicated “working class” rappers who are in limbo between making a living and perusing their music career. Paul Iannacchino tells the story of rap which tak...

Johnny Cash: American Rebel documentary cover image

Johnny Cash: American Rebel

Run time01:22:28
Rated 100

A documentary about the life and persona of Johnny Cash, one of Country musics most famous musicians. To tell the story the film uses a lot of archive footage as well as historical interview...


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