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Banking on Bitcoin

2016 01:23:41 Unrated

  Banking on Bitcoin, a documentary about one of the most disruptive technologies to come about since the internet was first invented. This open source software starte...

Cleopatra A Timewatch Guide

2015 01:35:04 Unrated

  Historian Vanessa Collinridge explores how the legend of Cleopatra has changed over the years, from Roman propaganda to the works of Shakespeare in this Cleopatra do...

Shroud of Turin

2008 00:59:00 Unrated

  The Shroud of Turin is a medieval linen cloth which bears an image of a man. For centuries Christians have believed that this man is, in fact, the Jesus of Nazareth...

Atlantis: The Evidence

2010 00:59:00 Unrated

  Historian Bettany Hughes investigates the magnificent story of Atlantis by the Greek philosopher Plato. This fictional Island has captivated the imagi...

The Coronation

2018 00:00:31

  In The Coronation documentary, Alastair Bruce presents a fascinating insight into the Crown Jewels of the monarchy and how they were taken to a Berksh...

The Effects Of The Internet

2017 00:51:52 Unrated

  The internet has affected everyone's life in some way or another. This Internet documentary presented by popular Youtube Channel “First documentary”...

Aircrash: The Downing of Korean Airlines Flight 8509

1999 00:45:00 Unrated

A documentary about Korean Airlines Cargo Flight 8509 which crashed after taking off from Stanstead airport in 1999 killing all four crew members on board the Boeing 747-200F. Shor...

Vienna: Empire, Dynasty and Dream

2017 00:59:00 Unrated

Simon Sebag Montefiore explores the history of Vienna in this documentary. The largest and capital city of Austria which dominated Europe for more than 1000 years and has...

Inside Chernobyl

2012 00:37:05 Unrated

Independent filmmaker Adrian Musto travelled to Ukraine in 2012 to record this Chernobyl documentary, in which we see how the town of Pyrpat has fared after being abandoned more th...

The Final Year

2018 00:02:44 Unrated

Trailer for the new film about the final year in office for the Obama Administration from an “insiders” perspective. With access to the White House and State Depar...

Gypsy Rose Lowrider Legend

2017 00:21:50 Unrated

California is known for it’s vibrant car subculture and the most famous of them all is the lowrider scene. This documentary interviews people who started the movement ba...

How The Wild West Was Won - Ray Mears

2014 00:58:58 Unrated

World renowned bush craft expert Ray Mears embarks on a journey to the Rockies, Appalachians and Sierra Nevada to discover how the landscape and extreme weather shaped th...

Hezbollah – Capabilities And Role In The Middle East

2017 00:46:39 Unrated

A documentary about Hezbollah presented by South Front. Hezbollah is a Shi'a Islamist political party formed in the 1980’s in Beirut, Lebanon with the inte...

Secrets of Stonehenge

2016 01:01:40

A new 2017 NOVA Stonehenge documentary exploring one of the most mysterious and misunderstood monuments not only in the United Kingdom but the entire world. For thousands of years...

The Kon-Tiki Expedition

1951 00:58:19

  The Kon-tiki expedition was a journey led by Norwegian explorer Thor Heyerdahl with the aim to prove that the ancient people of South America could have colonised the Isl...

Astonishing 1955 Asbestos Documentary

1955 00:17:58 Unrated

This astonishing 1950’s Asbestos documentary shows how amazingly stupid the human race can be in light of a new discovery that at face value seems great. The 50’s...

CIA Secret Experiments

2007 00:50:13

A 2007 National Geographic about CIA Secret Experiments, during the mid 20th century the United States Central Intelligence Agency embarked on covert experiments using hu...

Cave of Forgotten Dreams

2010 01:30:08

Cave of Forgotten Dreams is a 2001 documentary about the wonderful Chauvet cave located in Southern France. Chances are you have not heard anything about this cave b...

Cold Waves

2007 00:00:55 Unrated

Making a documentary about a non-visual medium is no easy task and for all its political complexity, this is a fantastic demonstration of how to make visual the fear the craziness...

The Silver Pharaoh

2010 00:52:12

Out of all the historic monuments in Egypt the royal tomb of Psusennes “the silver Pharaoh” is one of the most spectacular, yes, even more so that that of the famous ki...

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