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Crime Documentaries Ordered by

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A curated collection of full length crime documentaries that have been selected for their quality and factualism. From the brutal to the outright strange you will find find it all here. If you have a crime documentary that should be on Docur please let us know!

Dunblane School Shooting: Our Story documentary cover image

Dunblane School Shooting: Our Story

Run time00:58:14
Rated Unrated

A documentary about the Dunblane school shooting where 16 children and their school teacher were Murdered. At 09:35am on March 13th 1996 a man, Thomas Hamilton walked into Dunlane Primary sc...

Meet One of Britains Most Notorious Reformed Criminals: Walking Heavy documentary cover image

Meet One of Britains Most Notorious Reformed Criminals: Walking Heavy

Run time00:44:53
Rated Unrated

Vice documentary about one of britain's most notorious criminals. Ex-gangster Jason Coghlan from Stockport, England spent 12 years in prison for armed robbery of a post office but now he...

Reggie Yates in a Texan Jail documentary cover image

Reggie Yates in a Texan Jail

Run time00:59:26
Rated Unrated

Reggie Yates spends one week in a Texan Jail in this documentary, living alongside some hardened criminals. America has the largest prison population in the world and Reggie Yates is going to find out...

Gangland: Turf Wars documentary cover image

Gangland: Turf Wars

Run time00:47:00
Rated 56

WARNING – Contains graphic concealment of drugs and violence.   Gangland turf wars is the first episode in a two part documentary produced by Channel 5 and first released on...

The Secret Life of Prisons documentary cover image

The Secret Life of Prisons

Run time00:50:08
Rated Unrated

Clip available only.   The Secret Life of Prisons is a new 2016 documentary about the world behind bars in UK prisons. The film shows how prison staff are losing control over prisoners...

Soaked in Bleach documentary cover image

Soaked in Bleach

Run time01:29:24
Rated Unrated

Private investigator Tom grant who was hired by Courtney love after Kurt Cobain when missing in 1994. This documentary looks at the investigation from Tom Grants eyes as Cobain's body is foun...

Oscar Pistorius: The Truth documentary cover image

Oscar Pistorius: The Truth

Run time00:56:05
Rated 70

Oscar Pistorious sky-rocketed into fame during the 2012 London olympics after achieving some incredible athletic achievements. Two years later he was in the worlds most watched court case for the murd...

Murder Game: The Life and death of Breck Bednar documentary cover image

Murder Game: The Life and death of Breck Bednar

Run time00:57:51
Rated 94

Documentary telling the story of Breck Bednar a teenage boy who was killed by Lewis Daynes who groomed him online. Breck Bednar was a 14 year old boy who loved playing computer games online and aspire...

Gangs of El Salvador documentary cover image

Gangs of El Salvador

Run time01:06:00
Rated 88

The country of El Salvador will soon have the highest homicide rate in the world as is it is set to take over Honduras. In 2015 there were more than 5,700 murders here which is amazing...

The Cleveland Strangler documentary cover image

The Cleveland Strangler

Run time00:51:55
Rated Unrated

Between 2007 and 2009 11 or more black women on Clevelands east side were raped and killed. This documentary tells the story of what really happened and reveals the horrific evidence that the Clevelan...

Making A Murderer: Episode 1 documentary cover image

Making A Murderer: Episode 1

Run time01:04:39
Rated Unrated

A documentary about a man who served 18 years in prison for a crime he never committed. A real life story about Steven Avery, born July 9, 1962, Manitowoc Wisconsin who is a DNA exoneree whist in the...

Deep Web documentary cover image

Deep Web

Run time01:26:23
Rated 85

“Deep Web”, the story of how the internet in the hands of the wrong people has formed into a dangerous beast that is almost completely invisible. The internet as we know it to day was...

The Most Dangerous Town on the Internet documentary cover image

The Most Dangerous Town on the Internet

Run time00:20:00
Rated 78

The internet has the power to create both freedom and chaos. This documentary produced by Norton security and directed by Sean Dunne is about the “most dangerous town on the internet&r...

Terror At Sea: The Sinking Of The Concordia documentary cover image

Terror At Sea: The Sinking Of The Concordia

Run time00:46:07
Rated 94

one of the worst disasters in modern maritime history. The Concordia was a cruise ship which was operated by the Italian company Costa, built in Italy in 2004 the ship ran world cruses for holida...

The Invisible War documentary cover image

The Invisible War

Run time00:50:37
Rated Unrated

A powerful documentary by the Oscar nominated documentarian Kirby Dick, who’s previous work included the film Twist of Faith which looked into the Catholic Church and how it handled cases of Chi...

The Imposter documentary cover image

The Imposter

Run time01:38:35
Rated 100

The imposter watch online. A 2012 documentary film about a young Spanish man who made the astonishing claim that he was in fact the son of an American family who had been missing for the more than thr...

Into the Abyss documentary cover image

Into the Abyss

Run time01:47:15
Rated 80

Trailer for documentary.   The documentary Into The Abyss takes a look at the triple murder which happened in a small Texas City called Conroe. The murderers Michael Perry and Jason Burkett...

Interview with a Cannibal documentary cover image

Interview with a Cannibal

Run time00:33:49
Rated Unrated

On June 13th 1981 a Japanese man named Issei Sagawa walked into the Bois De Boulonge, a park on the outskirts of Paris, carrying two suitcases. The contents of the suitcases was unknown to the other p...


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