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A curated collection of Animal documentaries covering a range of different animals. From the powerful, the small to the tall and strange animal documentary films give us a unique view into a world that we rarely see. Docur features only high quality documentaries which have been chosen for their presentation and factual merit. If you know of an Animal documentary that is not here please let us know.

Voyage of the Lonely Turtle documentary cover image

Voyage of the Lonely Turtle

Run time00:50:45
Rated Unrated

Voyage of the Lonely Turtle. A story of one loggerhead turtle which makes a 9000 mile journey across the vast ocean to nest solo. She travels solo but she will not be lone as there will...

Anaconda: Silent Killer documentary cover image

Anaconda: Silent Killer

Run time00:43:14
Rated Unrated

Anaconda: Silent Killer. In the remote Amazon rainforest lives one of the most feared snakes in the world. The Anaconda. In this documentary film makers journey into unchartered parts of the larg...

Attenboroughs Life That Glows documentary cover image

Attenboroughs Life That Glows

Run time00:58:59
Rated 100

Attenboroughs Life That Glows documentary. There are many amazing creatures out there which dazzle and enchant our minds. To anyone who has seen a fire-fly you would know that it is hard not...

Living with Wolves documentary cover image

Living with Wolves

Run time01:35:05
Rated 97

A documentary about living with Wolves narrated by Liev Schreiber. Wolves have been characterized as ruthless animals with no characteristics other than the lust for blood, determined to break th...

Into the Dragons Lair: Nile Crocodile documentary cover image

Into the Dragons Lair: Nile Crocodile

Run time00:45:11
Rated Unrated

Nile Crocodile documentary. The African Nile crocodile (Crocodylus niloticus) is the second largest reptile currently in existence (The largest is the salt water crocodile) and lives in sub-saharan Af...

Arctic Dinosaurs documentary cover image

Arctic Dinosaurs

Run time00:52:30
Rated Unrated

Entering another dinosaur era, this documentary looks at the dinosaurs that survived in frigid, ice regions and asks the question—how did some dinosaurs survive in such drastic conditions? NOVA...

Return of the Giant Killers: Africas Lion Kings documentary cover image

Return of the Giant Killers: Africas Lion Kings

Run time00:53:40
Rated 80

Lion documentary. Lions dominate the South African plains and are the number one predator for hundreds of kilometers around. In “Return of the Giant Killers: Africa's Lion Kings” we fo...

Encountering Sea Monsters: The Humboldt Squid documentary cover image

Encountering Sea Monsters: The Humboldt Squid

Run time00:51:11
Rated 88

Documentary about the Humboldt squid. The Humboldt squid, known also as the jumbo squid is among the largest of the known squids in the ocean and was first discovered in 1835. This large predator...

Great White Shark: Most Terrifying Predator on the Planet documentary cover image

Great White Shark: Most Terrifying Predator on the Planet

Run time01:28:36
Rated 76

Great White Shark documentary. The Great white shark (Carcharodon carcharias) is widely considered to be the most terrifying species on the planet because of its size, ferocity and cunningness as...

Cheetah: Against All Odds documentary cover image

Cheetah: Against All Odds

Run time00:47:20
Rated 80

Cheetah Documentary. Cheetahs are found in Sub-Saharan Africa and Northern Iran, they are the fastest animal on Earth and can reach speeds of around 65mph on flat ground. Since they are the fastest an...

Attenborough and the Giant Dinosaur documentary cover image

Attenborough and the Giant Dinosaur

Run time00:58:26
Rated 94

Sir David Attenborough is 89 years old and still as fiercely passionate about nature as he ever was. This documentary is about the discovery of an absolutely massive dinosaur fossil in Argentina of&nb...


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