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A curated collection of Animal documentaries covering a range of different animals. From the powerful, the small to the tall and strange animal documentary films give us a unique view into a world that we rarely see. Docur features only high quality documentaries which have been chosen for their presentation and factual merit. If you know of an Animal documentary that is not here please let us know.

African Cats documentary cover image

African Cats

Run time01:59:13
Rated Unrated

African Cats is a 2011 documentary film narrated by Samuel L. Jackson, and directed by nature film maker Alaster Fothergill (Blue Planet 2001) about two different cat families living on the savannah o...

The Chameleons of Madagascar documentary cover image

The Chameleons of Madagascar

Run time01:18:34
Rated Unrated

A 2004 documentary about the Chameleons of Madagascar narrated by Mitch Earle. The Chameleon is one of the strangest, most illusive, colorful and rare reptiles in the world which live i...

Koalas: Slow Life In The Fast Lane documentary cover image

Koalas: Slow Life In The Fast Lane

Run time00:42:19
Rated Unrated

A Koala documentary presented by Shane Jacobson. The Koala is a one of the most famous animals in the world and is native to Australia living for the most part on the South Eastern coast near to ...

Hyena: Families in the Wild documentary cover image

Hyena: Families in the Wild

Run time00:51:14
Rated 90

The Hyena is one of the most feared animals on the planet, and if you do not believe that try walking through the African plains and confronting a number of them; its a big scary problem. Hyena have a...

Grizzly Man documentary cover image

Grizzly Man

Run time00:02:20
Rated Unrated

Trailer to Grizzly Man only – full film is not available.   Grizzly Man is a 2006 documentary film following the live of Timothy Treadwell who was a person fascinated by bea...

Jaguar: Year of the Cat documentary cover image

Jaguar: Year of the Cat

Run time00:54:30
Rated Unrated

“Jaguar: Year of the Cat” is a 1995 documentary film published by pbs and hosted by silver-screen Hollywood producer George Page. This film is a unique diary of the day in the life of...

Woolly Mammoth: Secrets from the Ice documentary cover image

Woolly Mammoth: Secrets from the Ice

Run time00:59:09
Rated Unrated

Woolly Mammoth: Secrets from the Ice is a documentary presented by English anatomist Dr. Alice Roberts (b 19 May 1973) that reveals some of the secrets of one of the most widely known e...

March of the Penguins documentary cover image

March of the Penguins

Run time01:02:52
Rated Unrated

Penguin documentary. The 2005 national geographic documentary film, March of the Penguins takes us on a journey to the south pole in order to see the Emperor Penguins in their traditional breeding gro...

Saving Otter 501 documentary cover image

Saving Otter 501

Run time00:53:39
Rated 100

A sea otter documentary which follows the story of Monterey Bay Aquarium’s 501st orphaned otter as Karl Mayer and his team attempt to save its life and teach it the skills ne...

The Eagle Owl: The Lord of the Night documentary cover image

The Eagle Owl: The Lord of the Night

Run time00:52:06
Rated 95

“The Lord of the Night: The Eagle Owl” documentary. The eagle owl is a species of bird which lives throughout most of Eurasia and is often referred to as the european eagle owl. It is one...

The Last Orangutan Eden documentary cover image

The Last Orangutan Eden

Run time00:52:58
Rated 96

The Last Orangutan Eden, an Orangutan documentary exploring the conservation efforts to help save the primate in its last home in Northern Sumatra. The “person of the forest” as the name t...

Indian Leopard: In the Killing Fields documentary cover image

Indian Leopard: In the Killing Fields

Run time00:51:08
Rated Unrated

Indian Leopard documentary. The Indian Leopard (Panthera paradus fusca) is a subspecies of the Leopard family and is located across the Indian continent.  This big cat has distinctive yellow fur...

Tarantula: Australias King of Spiders documentary cover image

Tarantula: Australias King of Spiders

Run time00:44:56
Rated 90

Tarantula documentary. The Tarantula is a large and hairy arachnid which is a part of the Theraphosidae spider family. This one of the most varied species on the planet since there are 900 known varia...

Ultimate Guide: Dolphin documentary cover image

Ultimate Guide: Dolphin

Run time01:05:10
Rated Unrated

Ultimate guide: Dolphin documentary. Dolphins are a diverse group of marine mammals dissimilar to whales and porpoises but grouped as paraphyletic. Currently there are 40 known species of this animal...

The Giraffe: Africas Gentle Giants documentary cover image

The Giraffe: Africas Gentle Giants

Run time00:59:04
Rated Unrated

Giraffe documentary hosted by David Attenborough. In this documentary we take a look at one of the more gentle creates of Africa; the Giraffe. Giraffa Camelopardalis as it is scientifically known is t...

Pandas: The Journey Home documentary cover image

Pandas: The Journey Home

Run time00:43:59
Rated Unrated

Panda documentary. National Geographic presents the film, Pandas The Journey Home, an intimate insight into one of the most iconic animals in the world that is under imminent threat of extinction in t...

Polar Bears: Ice Bear documentary cover image

Polar Bears: Ice Bear

Run time00:50:06
Rated 100

Polar bear documentary. Film makers provide a stunning insight into one of the most formidable predators on the planet as they capture breathtaking footage recorded over a 12 month period in the Canad...

Hippo Paradise documentary cover image

Hippo Paradise

Run time01:06:29
Rated Unrated

Hippo documentary. The hippopotamus (Hippopotamus amphibius) is a Herbivore that mostly lives in sub-Saharan Africa and is the third largest land mammal in the world after the elephant and the rhinoce...


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