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2007 documentary films

New Horizons: Passport to Pluto and Beyond documentary cover image

New Horizons: Passport to Pluto and Beyond

Run time00:45:32

New Horizons documentary. New Horizons is the culmination of more than ten years worth of work by the National Aeronautics and Space administration. This documentary follows the people behind the proj...

Malaria: The Serial Killer documentary cover image

Malaria: The Serial Killer

Run time00:52:14

A documentary about Malaria. Malaria is a deadly disease which is caused by a small parasite that commonly infects mosquitoes. In the west the problem of malaria has largely been quashed thanks in a l...

The Mars Underground documentary cover image

The Mars Underground

Run time01:13:53

A 2007 documentary film which explores a cost effective manned Mars mission; Mars direct. The main problem as argued by the Mars Direct figure head, Robert Zubrin is that NASA and other space agencies...

The Putin System documentary cover image

The Putin System

Run time01:28:36

The Putin System: Vladimir Putin, former KGB officer is both the instrument and the architect of a new Russian political system.    Whether it be called a managed democracy, a mil...

Prince - The Glory Years documentary cover image

Prince - The Glory Years

Run time01:25:40

Prince documentary. On the untimely death of Prince at the age of 57 on April 21st 2016 we look back on the glory days of his music career in this film. Prince was an extremely successful Am...

This Is the Zodiac Speaking documentary cover image

This Is the Zodiac Speaking

Run time01:41:09

This Is the Zodiac Speaking documentary. A film covering the story of “the Zodiac” who was a serial killer who murdered victims in Northern California during the 1960’s and earl...

Voyage of the Lonely Turtle documentary cover image

Voyage of the Lonely Turtle

Run time00:50:45

Voyage of the Lonely Turtle. A story of one loggerhead turtle which makes a 9000 mile journey across the vast ocean to nest solo. She travels solo but she will not be lone as there will...

Jupiter: The Giant Planet documentary cover image

Jupiter: The Giant Planet

Run time00:44:09

Jupiter documentary. In this film we travel more than 700,000 km out to the gas giant planet Jupiter on a voyage to discover the properties of it and its orbiting moons. Jupiter is by far the largest...

Saturn: Lord of the Rings documentary cover image

Saturn: Lord of the Rings

Run time00:44:09

Saturn documentary. In this film take a close look at the 6th planet from the sun located 9.8 AU from the sun or about 10 times the distance as the Earth is away. Saturn is the second largest planet i...

The Outer Planets: Uranus - Neptune - Pluto documentary cover image

The Outer Planets: Uranus - Neptune - Pluto

Run time00:44:28

The Outer planets, Uranus, pluto and Neptune documentary. This documentary focuses on the cold outer-side of our solar system and its planets.   Uranus   The seventh planet from...

Inner Planets: Venus - Mercury documentary cover image

Inner Planets: Venus - Mercury

Run time00:46:25

Inner Planets: Venus - Mercury documentary.   Venus is the second furthest planet from the sun named after the roman goddess of love and is sometimes referred to as Earth’s siste...

Life and Death of a Star documentary cover image

Life and Death of a Star

Run time00:43:14

Life and Death of a Star documentary. Firstly, where are stars born? Found in a region of the cosmos clumps of gas and dust as dark and dense than projected shadows strongest recorded to date in...

1991 Gulf War documentary cover image

1991 Gulf War

Run time00:59:02

Gulf war documentary. This is the 8th and last episode in a documentary series produced by the BBC which focuses on the story of operation desert storm in 1991. This campaign made use of revolutionary...

1968 Vietnam War documentary cover image

1968 Vietnam War

Run time00:58:46

20th Century Battlefields 1968 Vietnam war documentary. The Vietnam war, also known as the resistance war against America was a cold war era proxy war which began on the first of November 1955 and end...

Taxi to the Dark Side documentary cover image

Taxi to the Dark Side

Run time01:46:05

Taxi to the Dark side is a 2007 documentary produced by critically acclaimed film makers Alex Gibney, Eva Orner and Susannah Shipman. This film focuses on the killing of an Afghan taxi driver Dil...

Tool: Vicarious documentary cover image

Tool: Vicarious

Run time00:40:49

A Tool documentary. Tool: Vicarious is a 2007 documentary film about the America rock band tool who formed in Los Angeles in 1990. The band consists of four members, drummer Danny Carey, Adam jones (g...

Encounters at the End of the World documentary cover image

Encounters at the End of the World

Run time01:39:00

In the documentary Encounters at the End of the World, film maker Werner Herzog (Grizzly Man, Cave of Forgotten Dreams) travels to one of the most southerly places on Earth inhabited by humans on the...

Cold Waves documentary cover image

Cold Waves

Run time00:00:55

Making a documentary about a non-visual medium is no easy task and for all its political complexity, this is a fantastic demonstration of how to make visual the fear the craziness and triumph experien...

Super High Me documentary cover image

Super High Me

Run time01:30:11

In the documentary Super High Me stand up comedian Doug Benson aims to give an insight into the effects of using Cannabis by constantly smoking the plant a thirty day period. Doug is a stoner him...

CIA Secret Experiments documentary cover image

CIA Secret Experiments

Run time00:50:13

A 2007 National Geographic about CIA Secret Experiments, during the mid 20th century the United States Central Intelligence Agency embarked on covert experiments using humans as guinea pigs...


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